What to expect

Our Focus. . .

At True Life our focus is on celebrating the glory of God through passionate worship and biblical preaching.   

We are not worried about being formal or fashionable. We just want to create an atmosphere where people can experience God. 

Relaxed Atmosphere. . .

Relax, we all arrived at True Life for the first time just as you are now! 

Most of our members had not been in church for years before coming.

There will be someone at the door to greet and welcome you. 

They will direct you to the Worship Center, and if you have kids, they will help you get them checked into our TLC Kids Zone

Arrive a few minutes early to enjoy some coffee, juice, doughnuts and more at our hospitality window!

Our Worship. . .

Our worship is centered around one thing...bringing glory to God through Jesus, his son.

We do not focus on a style of clothes, music, or even preaching.

Through prayer, singing, Bible reading, preaching, and confession, we seek to proclaim the greatness of Jesus our Savior. 

We believe that everyone can experience God every Sunday at True Life.

Other questions people ask...

Why do you start at 10:10 AM?

We start at 10:10 AM because it is a constant reminder that we are to live this life to the fullest (John 10:10).

It does not mean that this life will be easy, but when we fix our eyes on Jesus, we can experience FAITH, HOPE, LOVE, and JOY regardless of our circumstances. 

What are your beliefs?

I like to say that we embrace the beliefs of the historic Christian church as declared in the Bible and practiced in the ancient church. More simply stated, the Bible is the guide of both our faith and practice. For a more full statement of our beliefs, click here.